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About Us

In the last number of years, people who have had personal problems have flocked to the internet to look for information and encouragement to deal with the often life-crippling effects of what is going on in their lives. In the past, internet-based support was mainly provided via chat rooms and forums - both with greatly varying quality and effectiveness.

Now, Support Groups Central offers web conference-based peer support and informative meetings that are much more like being in a real group. In SGC meetings participants can see their group leader, material can be presented, and everyone can talk with each other. Participants can join a meeting from the comfort and privacy of their homes.

SGC was founded by Vincent F. Caimano, an organizational psychologist and successful management consultant. He started SGC after forming and expanding a depression support and self-help education group—going from face-to-face to SGC-based. Since 2004, he has provided help to thousands of support group participants.
Our Mission ... Our Vision
The mission of Support Groups Central is to provide advanced global technology services for managing and bringing together common needs or interest groups.

Support Groups Central is at the leading edge of bringing people together from all over the world for mutual aid and support. We believe that over time, greater numbers of individuals will comfortably find others who can help and support each other using our service

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