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Our Meetings

The list below shows the meetings we are currently offering online.

A Well Examined Life

Career Advancement and Maintenance for Peers
These meetings are for individuals working or volunteering in the mental health field with lived experience or a family member.

Great Expectations

Guest Speaker Series

In these meetings we will discuss mental health advocacy, career advancement, personal branding, and presence. Are you making what you're worth? Are you communicating the right message with your brand and your appearance? Come and find out!
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Nutrition & Fitness

Peers Helping Peers

Personal Budgeting
Personal Budgeting is a special workshop hosted by David Budiman, MBA. David is a bookkeeper and accountant and will be taking about how to manage your money. Financial literacy is an important skill for peer specialists and for the people we serve. Finances is one of SAMHSA's Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

Prosumer Group
For professionals working or volunteering in the mental health field with lived experience or a family member. This can include Psychiatrists, Therapists, MSWs, LCSWs, MFTs, etc.
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Recovery Through Writing
Writing is a very powerful way to express our feelings and thoughts. It can oftentimes help us get through tough times, better appreciate the good times, and help to get our thoughts in order and make decisions. The writing can be songwriting, journal writing, prose, poetry, rap, short stories, novels, etc. There are no rules in art and creativity. Feel free to bring a piece that you'd like to share.

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