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Our Meetings

The list below shows the meetings we are currently offering online.

A Well Examined Life

Aspie/Autism Peer Support
This is peer online support group for other people who also have Asperger’s Syndrome, or high functioning autism. This is a place to talk with other peers who also are on the autistic spectrum. This is a safe place where you can relax, away from neurotypicals, and not have to worry about judgement from other people.

Career Advancement and Maintenance for Peers
These meetings are for individuals working or volunteering in the mental health field with lived experience or a family member.

Descubre la Fuerza Dentro de Ti
Este Grupo de soporte fue creado para ti; para apoyarte y brindarte las herramientas necesarias que te permitan superar conflictos de: Ansiedad, Depresión, Auto Estima. O simplemente acompañarte en algún momento de necesidad. Te brindaremos no solo el respeto que mereces sino además la discreción de atender tu caso con toda seriedad. Nuestro objetivo es que tú logres: Motivarte y Empoderarte. Ayudarte a renovar tus fuerzas para que encuentres nuevos motivos en tus luchas y nuevas metas por alcanzar. Estaremos aquí para aprender juntos a luchar por nuestros sueños y mejorar nuestra actitud emocional y mental. RECUERDA: “No hay que derrumbar nuestros sueños; hay que derribar las barreras esas que nos impiden cumplirlos.”

Goal Setting: Building a Better You

Great Expectations

Guest Speaker Series

H.O.P.E. This is a Processing & Focused Discussion hybrid group. We will be able to check-in with each other and talk about our day-to-day life events. Though this group is mainly targeted towards those battling Depression and/or Anxiety, the coping skills and activities that we’ll share can benefit anyone. We will have themed and focused discussions to generate positive thinking as well as partake in writing exercises and general mental health positive activities to gain & share new coping skills.
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Looking Towards The Future
Join Leonard in discussion about mental health recovery, the journey and the road beyond it.

In these meetings we will discuss mental health advocacy, career advancement, personal branding, and presence. Are you making what you're worth? Are you communicating the right message with your brand and your appearance? Come and find out!
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