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Quick Boost

How it Helps: A Personal Story on How Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Helped in My Depression Recovery
By Vince Caimano
Category   Anxiety,   Self Awareness / Mindfulness,   Understanding and Living with Depression

When I was finally recovering from my last major bout of depression I became committed to learning everything I could about depression treatment to avoid yet another episode. I had cycled in and out of depression since I was a teen and had about lost hope that I could be free of it. Based on what I first read it seemed that I ...    Read More »

Empowerment: The Importance of Peer Support
By Elizabeth Windom
Category  Understanding and Living with Depression

Participating in peer-led support groups as a path toward depression recovery is empowering! Simple actions, encouragement, and regular participation can help you while you are also helping others. "Within these circumstances the shared experience with someone who has not only gone through a similar experience but who has ...    Read More »

2014: Year of "To Do"
By Elizabeth Windom
Category   Healthy Thinking,   Life Planning

2014, a new year. There is something about the word "new" that causes anyone to feel a rise of internal hope. As we are mid-way through the first month of the new year, some may be realizing that the resolutions that they decided upon are already too ambitious. Though the act of creating new year resolutions is essentially ...    Read More »

Healthy Food Choices Will Help you Through the Holidays!
By Elizabeth Windom
Category   Diet and Supplements,   Holiday Events

In this holiday season we encounter gatherings of people and food. With families, friends, co-workers, and other social gatherings, we celebrate each other in the presence of food. If you "google" holiday food recipes you find an endless plethora of sugary, fat-filled dishes. To the eye they look amazing, yet it is possible ...    Read More »

Shorter Days, More Depression – You Can Find Relief
By Vince Caimano
Category  Light Therapy

The change to daylight saving time in the fall confirms what many of us have been noticing for the last few months - our days are getting shorter, wetter and colder. For some of us with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD this is a very tough time of the year.

If we have SAD or the milder version called the Winter ...    Read More »

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