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Our attitudes shape the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. Maintaining a positive disposition can radically shape the way we experience ourselves and those around us. Fundamentally, this will alter the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we behave. This will increase our positive feelings and feed the surge towards recovery. What is your attitude today?

By J.P. Paxton
Weekly Help for Depression Recovery
Helpful Therapy

In last week's Quick Boost poll we asked about what a therapist has done for you that you found most helpful. It was interesting to note that they results were about equally divided as you can see below. The one noteable exception was that no one chose "helped me make better key life decisions".
In my experience with therapists this result shouldn’t surprise us. Very few seem to specialize in a particular problem (like depression or bipolar disorder) or a specific approach. Just take a look at online listings for therapists - they almost all seem to cast a broad net.

So how do therapists approach helping us with depression issues? They are often very eclectic and psychodynamic. They use what seems appropriate in the moment and they have a strong tendency to want you to have insight about your issues. They also understand that for you to work with them on a sustained basis you need to feel supported by them.   Read More »
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Last Week's Poll Results

What has a therapist done with you that has helped you the most?


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"I am so pleased to have a safe place to go to discuss my mental health issues. I had many negative pre-conceived ideas about online recovery groups. Now, however, I feel blessed to have found an option available for me."

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* 2011 University of Michigan Peer Support
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