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How Our Online Groups Help

Online Recovery Peer-Based Support Group Meetings
Confidential & Anonymous
Facilitated by professionally trained Group Leaders (not volunteers)
Low meeting cost; No monthly fee
Choose your participation level - it's okay to just listen

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* 2011 University of Michigan Peer Support
Effectiveness Study  -  Read More »

During a depressive episode, we tend to isolate ourselves, spend a lot of time ruminating about problems and become inactive. It is very helpful to share support and advice with others who understand. This can be accomplished by participating in an online Depression Recovery Group meeting. It is a simple, small step we can take to started on the road to wellness.

Recently published research demonstrates the power of groups like ours. In a study conducted by a team of University of Michigan psychiatrists and scientists (P.N. Pfeiffer et al. / General Hospital Psychiatry 33 (2011) 29-36) it was found that peer support groups for depression were more effective than "usual care" and as effective as participation in cognitive behavioral therapy groups. This research looked at a large number of studies and different situations to find these very encouraging results.

Our online groups are based on proven recommendations and practices to help you get better and stay better:

1. Know that you are not alone
  In a Depression Recovery Group talk with other participants who are battling similar issues

2. Join with others who understand
  From the privacy of your home you can easily meet with people who have some of the same experiences that you are having

3. Learn how others have successfully tackled common depression related problems
  Move beyond your own person experiences and expand your options as our successful peer leaders facilitate group interaction.

Participant Commitment
If you are seeing a psychotherapist or taking medications for depression, you will usually need to do those for a minimum of a few months to get a lasting benefit. Likewise, to get the greatest help from a peer-support group, you should plan on committing to a few months of weekly meetings. This will give you the opportunity to get ideas from your group's sharing time and to also help others. Helping others will give you a good feeling and reinforce some of the activities that you have been doing to help yourself.

How Our Online Groups are Different