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How We Are Different

Depression Recovery Groups offers you live, regularly scheduled meetings. Unlike a chat room, forum or collection of articles on depression, our meetings provide immediate caring help, as you can:

Talk with and listen to others who understand what you are experiencing - just say or ask what you need to - or listen in on the conversation.
Learn how to recover from depression - we help you to learn useful skills and how to put them into practice. Our easy-going meetings include presentations, exercises, handouts and readings.
Get help from our group leaders - who have the skills and experience to help you. Please visit our About Us page to learn more about our group leaders.
Our meetings are offered at a variety of times, includes some special interest groups, and are led by different group leaders - Find the meeting that meets your needs from our current schedule of meetings.
Depend on Depression Recovery Groups to be there - we even have a backup group leader scheduled for every meeting in case the primary leader has a last minute problem.

Our model has been developed using the latest depression recovery research. We have taken great care to deliver an experience that will support you and help you. Delivering a dependable resource is not without cost and so there is a modest fee for our meetings. We believe that the price of our meetings is reasonable and represents real value to our participants.

View Introductory Video by Founder, Vince Caimano, Ph.D.

Meeting Format

Meeting Guidelines

What do I need to attend an online recovery group?

Online Recovery Peer-Based Support Group Meetings
Confidential & Anonymous
Facilitated by professionally trained Group Leaders (not volunteers)
Low meeting cost; No monthly fee
Choose your participation level - it's okay to just listen

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* 2011 University of Michigan Peer Support
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