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Tips for Living Well with Depression

We believe that with proper care and effort, many people with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety can lead happy, productive lives and be successful in every way. In addition to seeking professional help, there are a number of basic things we should try to do to help ease or avoid depression. Here you will find many tips and suggestions on how you can best help yourself.  
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Suggestions for Living Well with Depression

Restoring Hope in Your Life
Published on Thursday, June, 29, 2017
As an organizational psychologist I often work with executives and their employees on performance appraisal issues. It is usual for companies to want to evaluate their employees so they can pay them fairly and also help ...    Read More »

How it Helps: A Personal Story on How Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Helped in My Depression Recovery
Published on Wednesday, June, 21, 2017
When I was finally recovering from my last major bout of depression I became committed to learning everything I could about depression treatment to avoid yet another episode. I had cycled in and out of depression since I ...    Read More »

Empowerment: The Importance of Peer Support
Published on Wednesday, June, 21, 2017

Participating in peer-led support groups as a path toward depression recovery is empowering! Simple actions, encouragement, and regular participation can help you while you are also helping others. "Within these ...    Read More »

Gentle Breeze, Smooth Sailing
Published on Tuesday, June, 20, 2017
I went sailing with a couple of friends a few weeks ago.  I wasn't sure about going because there wasn't going to be much wind.  When the wind is light we usually can't sail because the waves, swells and currents ...    Read More »

Time Management for Depression
Published on Saturday, June, 17, 2017
In my experience, time issues can be both a cause of depression and a result. When we are not depressed we can get super busy. So busy that we can't get everything done and don't take care of ourselves. We eventually get ...    Read More »

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Depression Recovery Tips

Below are some helpful videos created by the Depression Recovery Groups founder, Vince Caimano. In them, he talks about some simple ways to help yourself to accelerate your recovery from depression.

Topics include:
Working with Anti-Depressants, How Bright Light Therapy Can Help You, Living Well with Depression, Support Group Options That Work, Sleep Like a Baby, Removing the Barnacles from Our Lives, Getting Out of the Depression Box, plus many more!

To access all videos, click the play button on the video below,
then hover your mouse over the video player.