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We've Moved Our Meetings Over to Support Groups Central

As a way of improving our service and overall meeting experience, we've joined Support Groups Central and are now offering our meetings through the Support Groups Central website.

What is Support Groups Central?
Support Groups Central is a service that brings you (the individual) and support organizations together in one simple-to-navigate web site. Support Groups Central gives you access to meetings and valuable resources from a variety of organizations, now including Depression Recovery Groups.

How does Support Groups Central work?
Support Groups Central works on the concept of "building your own support team."  Once you become a member, you select the organizations that interest you. Your member module has a group directory where you can find all the organizations and categories on one easy-to-use screen. You then select an organization by subscribing to it. Subscribing to an organization is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Each organization has its own subscribers section, where you can access its list of upcoming meetings.  Here you can find out when each meeting will take place and also read more about the meeting to determine if it's right for you.  To register for a meeting, just click on the meeting's "Register" button.

Watch our video to learn about how Support Groups Central works

Membership is Support Groups Central is Free!

Joining Support Groups Central is Free!
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