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Employee productivity and associated healthcare costs are a constant and growing concern to us all. Depression is one of the greatest challenges contributing to the loss of productivity and the rising costs employers face.

But affordable, effective, and meaningful help is available through Depression Recovery Groups services.

We offer online, web conference-based peer support groups for people who have depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. All of our groups are facilitated by Certified Peer Specialists and include a self-help education segment. Participants can see their group leader and they can talk with each other. Our meetings are available seven days a week. Each group session is approximately 90 minutes in length and group size is capped at 12 to allow participation by all.

Depression Recovery Groups can help you to:
  •  Improve employee productivity
  •  Significantly reduce your healthcare service delivery costs
  •  Contribute to high client satisfaction (Read what our participants say about our service)
  •  Reduce client company costs

Depression Recovery Groups will provide your clients with:
  •  Effective peer support and education
  •  Symptom reduction
  •  Confidential and anonymous participation
  •  Convenient, seven-day-a-week access

How Depression Recovery Groups can meet your needs
Depression Recovery Groups offers several ways that we provide our services to you and your clients. For each of these options we can track participation levels. We can also control what your clients see and can tailor the information and layout to best meet your needs.

Here are some basic Depression Recovery Groups service delivery options for you to consider:
1. DRG Branded
2. Custom Co-Branding i.e. "Your Organization's Name" Depression Recovery Groups
3. Custom branding that matches your organization's name, logo and the design of your website.

For each of these options we can offer different ways for your clients to participate in groups:
1. Your clients can participate in public groups
2. We can create groups that are only visible to your clients and could be custom designed to your specifications.

Request a Free Demonstration
We would be pleased to discuss any of these possibilities with you and give you a free demonstration at your earliest convenience. Please fill out the contact form below. Or if you prefer, you can contact us at
(818) 292-8551 or We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Our Mission
Depression is one of the costliest employment problems. In a 1,000 employee company, on average 66 employees will be impaired by depression annually. This results in:
  • Absenteeism of up to 2,106 days
  • Replacement worker costs of $345,000
  • Increased medical costs over $131,000
Use the Depression Cost Calculator to find out how your organization is affected by depression.

Our Mission
Presenteeism is the problem of workers being on the job but, because of medical conditions, not fully functioning and less able to work effectively.

A study in the October 2004 American Journal of Psychiatry demonstrated that Major Depressive Disorder has a significant impact on worker productivity:

"The most important finding is the consistency with which depression is associated with negative measures on both productivity and task focus. Previous studies have shown that the amount of work lost to depression just looking at absenteeism is about one day a month. Our study found that presenteeism accounts for a total of about 2.3 lost work-days a month. So it appears that the productivity lost by depressed people at work may be larger than that lost from absenteeism."

Lead study author Phillip Wang, M.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of medicine, epidemiology, and health care policy at Harvard Medical School. Am J Psychiatry 161:1885-1891, October 2004. Effects of Major Depression on Moment-in-Time Work Performance.

Our Mission

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Baltimore, Maryland
October 17-20, 2012

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EAPA Marketplace at the Hilton Baltimore
on October 18 & 19.

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