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Our Pricing Model

Virtual Pass the Basket Depression Recovery Groups is excited to announce our approach to funding our service:   Virtual Pass the Basket!

DRG depends on the contributions of our participants to keep our service going. We have no other source of income - no grants, no pharmaceutical company funding and no advertising.

Our goal has always been to help as many people as we possibly can. We have made it our policy to respond positively to anyone who reached out to us. Now, like in a face-to-face support group, you get to decide what to contribute for the DRG help you receive.

The truth is that over the last several years we have invested a very large amount of money to make DRG work well with the best technology, group leaders and support staff. And you, our participants, have told us how helpful DRG is via the anonymous feedback that we receive after each meeting. Here are just a few of the comments we have received:

"This meeting was such a blessing! I've browsed through tons of forums, support chats and there's been nothing that compared to this. Personally, I felt super safe about having a group leader. And such a cool one! The video conference + phone combination was wonderful. I'm excited to tell my other depressed friends about it! And I'll be back. Thank you guys for providing this wonderful service."

"I didn't talk much in the group, but it was still very helpful to me to hear others having the same feelings as me."

"It was easier for me to share what I thought over the phone in this meeting than it is for me to share at a live meeting. I was less self-conscious than I am in a live face-to-face meeting."

"This group may have literally been a life saver for me. The power of a safe place to talk was exactly what I needed to help me hang on & pull me through a very dark place."

"There is a positive emphasis on dealing with depression, not just getting together and complaining."

"The meeting was well structured and proceeded in an organized way. I am glad that the sharing time was not monopolized by one person and those who wanted to share were able to do so."

"My group opened my mind up to new possibilities - I feel hopeful again."

Since 2009, we have worked with thousands of participants from over 28 different countries. Participant feedback is very high with 95% saying that they would recommend our service to others. See our full results

There is no other service like ours on the internet and no face to face group provides the level of consistent quality that we do. Over 3,000 participants have provided positive feedback on the effectiveness of DRG's meetings.

Now when you register for one of our meetings just put your contribution into our Virtual Basket - it's easy and it will assure that DRG will continue to provide the help that so many individuals need.