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Online Depression Recovery Groups

Online Recovery Peer-Based Support Group Meetings
Confidential & Anonymous
Facilitated by professionally trained Group Leaders (not volunteers)
Low meeting cost; No monthly fee
Choose your participation level - it's okay to just listen
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* 2011 University of Michigan Peer Support
Effectiveness Study  -  Read More »

Depression Recovery Groups uses engaging web-based meetings to allow participants to talk and interact with each other. Participants can join the online depression support group meetings from any place that they have a computer and an internet connection. For detailed information on our depression support groups, please select a topic below.

Our Program Teaches You How to Recover from Depression

Our Road to Recovery meeting series focuses on teaching you specific skills and practices designed to help you get well and stay that way. These meetings have an in-depth education segment as well as some time for discussion and support.
Our Meetings Feature "Evidence-Based" Practices

We have spent about 10 years reviewing depression treatment research to find the information, skills and practices that will best help you to recover. The material in our meetings has largely been developed at major universities and tested in the real world with people like you.
How Our Online Depression Recovery Groups Help

When we are in the midst of a depressive episode it is very helpful to be with others who understand. This is because we tend to isolate ourselves, spend a lot of time ruminating, and become inactive. Participating in an online depression support group is a simple, small step we can take to get started on the road toward recovery.
How Our Online Depression Recovery Groups Work

Our depression help meetings use both your computer and either your computer's audio system or a telephone. You are able to talk with other participants, see the meeting materials on your screen and interact with others, all from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about how our depression support groups work here.
Group Meeting Schedule

Check out the list of scheduled depression support group meetings and self-help education topics. On the schedule, you can register for the meeting that you want to attend by simply clicking on "Register".
Technical Support

Need technical assistance? Get detailed instructions on registering for a meeting, joining and connecting to a meeting, and how to navigate around the meeting screens.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check out our list of frequently asked questions to see if your question is listed and answered here.