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Arise! is an interdenominational service for people who are involved in ministry - both ministers and their families. We understand that ministry work is often challenging.

Ministers and their families:

  • often work long hours
  • are constantly shouldering the burdens of others
  • find themselves pastoring people through tragic and painful situations
  • deal with criticism and opposition
  • can feel like a failure and may consider quitting
  • have to balance the desire to be fruitful quickly with being a patient servant of God
  • often struggle with loneliness
  • and are frequently left with little time for themselves and their families.

All too often, men and women in ministry, as well as their children, experience anxiety, depression, marital and family issues, ongoing financial struggles, as well as other problems in their lives. They may wonder if they have some spiritual deficiency and feel ashamed or concerned about others finding out that they are having any personal difficulties.

What is an Arise! Group?

In Arise! groups you will find others who have similar experiences and problems. Here, you are the norm and you are in a safe, welcoming, healing and restorative environment. You will also find ideas for dealing with your issues, be encouraged and find hope. If you are a man or woman involved in ministry and need help, we are here to minister to you!

Arise! brings ministry people together using web-conference technology. In an Arise! group you can see your group leader and everyone can talk with each other. Our group leaders have ministry experience and have dealt with problems such as you may have. Because they have been where you are, or are currently serving in ministry still, they are able to directly relate to you and your situation.

New Service is Seeking Partner Organizations

Arise! will provide confidential, web-conference based, support groups to people in ministry – ministers, ministry staff and their loved ones. Arise! allows ministry people to gather in small groups to encourage and help each other to deal with personal problems and issues. Support Groups Central is seeking service partners who wish to sponsor and / or operate Arise! groups.

Contact us today about how we can partner together to encourage and support ministry people. Please also sign up for updates and when groups will be scheduled to meet (Sign up form to the right). In the interim, you may want to try out our Faith-based meeting at Depression Recovery Groups for help with depression and anxiety issues.

Our Meeting Calendar

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There are currently no upcoming meetings, but please check back again soon.

Contact Us
711 E. Walnut Street, Ste 212
Pasadena CA 91101 

Phone: (888) 799-0907

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