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Support Groups Central - Features & Functionality

The SGC Web Application offers your organization many features, to meet your needs and the needs of the people you serve. Many of these are included with your account. Others are optional, so you can customize your functionality and turn on only those features that you require.

How SGC Works

Support Groups Central brings you (the organization) and the individuals together in one easy to access web site. Individuals join Support Groups Central (for free), then they build their "support team" by selecting (subscribing to) those organizations that interest them. As a partner of SGC, your organization would be listed in the category appropriate for your services and would be available for all SGC members to subscribe to. You can also optionally choose to limit subscriptions, so that you control who is able to subscribe to your organization.

Group Subscribers

The SGC web application allows you to control your subscribers and to add optional features that further customize the subscription process.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Restrict subscribers
New Subscriber survey
Display a legal disclosure and require agreement
Emergency contact input form and verification system
Customizable welcome messages

Customizable Pages

The SGC web application gives your organization a number of customizable pages to provide non-subscribers information about your service and to provide a helpful, interactive platform for your subscribers.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Informational page on the SGC external website
Informational page in the SGC Member Module for Non-Subscribers
Subscriber page in the SGC Member Module that only your subscribers can access
Additional template-based pages: Group leader information, meeting details, FAQ's
Additional free-form pages
Document/Video library
Blog functionality, with optional comments from subscribers
Visitor count tracking
Customize the design of your pages
Custom URL that points to your informational page on the SGC external website

Your Meeting Schedule

Your meeting schedule will display your published meetings. It displays on your subscriber's page and optionally on your non-subscriber and external information pages as well.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Control the number of days displayed on your calendar
Customize your calendar's title and description
Customize your calendar's color scheme
Customize when completed meetings drop off the calendar

Meeting Registrations

The SGC web application allows you to customize the meeting registration process to best fit your service offering.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Restrict registration
Offer your subscribers a waitlist for full meetings
Set the maximum number of registrations allowed per meeting
Control registration cut-off times
Collect registration fees (various pricing options available)
Present different registration and pricing options to different categories of subscribers
Create and offer subscribers coupons to discount meeting registration fees

Meeting Materials

The SGC web application allows you to offer your subscribers additional meeting documentation and videos, presented before they register, once they've registered, within the meeting, and after they have attended the meeting.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Informational documentation and videos presented before a subscriber registers (pre-registration)
Pre-meeting documentation and videos to help your subscribers prepare for their meeting
Post-meeting documentation and videos to provide follow-up and/or homework assignments to subscribers after their meeting
Documentation download and video viewing tracking
Share documents (PowerPoint, Word), web pages, and your desk-top with participants in the meeting

The Meeting Experience

No cold chat rooms or forums! All meetings are conducted with web-conference technology. Participants talk with each other, see meeting materials on their screen, interact with the materials, see their group leader, and more.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Connect up to 25 people in a meeting
Video feed of the group leader and up to 6 other participants
Connect to the audio portion of the meeting through a phone call or the computer's microphone and speakers (VOIP connection); Participants can also use a tablet or smart phone
Share materials, such as documents (PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel), web pages, desk-top
Annotation tools to give participants a way to add text, lines, shapes, and pointers to the meeting screen
Participants can print and/or save meeting materials


After a meeting has ended, you have some optional ways to hear from your participants. You can collect meeting feedback through a post-meeting survey. You can also extend the meeting discussions a bit through post-meeting comments.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Post-meeting survey
Accept post-meeting comments from participants as follow-up and/or a way to extend meeting discussions

Your Administrative Module

The SGC Administrative Module allows you to manage your meeting calendar and your subscribers. It gives you access to all your configuration options, settings, and content, providing you with full control over your pages.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Meetings Management
Post Meeting Survey Data
Group Leader section
Subscriber Information
Subscriber Survey Data
User Management
Content Management
System Configuration
Manage Subscriber Communications (Message Center, Blog)
Financial Data (meeting payments)
Account Performance Statistics
Private, internal online meetings for management, staff, and other organizational meetings

Member Functionality

All members of SGC and your subscribers are offered a consistent set of features. They can learn about your organization, subscribe to your service, register for meetings, manage their meeting schedule, review their payments and/or account balances, and customize their profile with date/time settings, email preferences, reminder text messages, and set an optional nickname for anonymity.

Features Included Optional Add-On
Access and search the Groups Directory
Subscribe to and manage groups
Register for meetings
Manage their meetings through a personal meeting schedule (My Meetings)
Customize their personal profile
Communicate with your organization and SGC through the Online Message Center
Interact with your group leaders through post-meeting comments  

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