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  Support Groups Central:  Live Online Peer Support Groups for Life's Challenges
  Support Groups Central:  Live Online Peer Support Groups for Life's Challenges
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Learn How to Recover

We put a brief education segment into each of our meetings. Our Road to Recovery topic series focuses on helping you to learn more about how to get well and stay that way. In addition all of our meetings have ample time for discussion and support.

Our research-based Depression Recovery Model can help you with your personal journey. It shows our whole series of sixteen topics. Topics are divided into two groups:

DRG Road to Recovery Model
These are the essential skills that can help you to regain energy, begin to feel better and put in place important basic habits. The research on depression treatment and our experience has shown that these five topics will help you establish a strong beginning.

These foundational skills will help you to effectively deal with some of the most universally important depression issues. They can be particularly helpful if this is your first bout of depression, have had several bouts or if you have not found anything yet that is helpful to you.

Once you have put in place some basic skills and practices you will then be better able to broaden and deepen your approach. Topics in this group provide the opportunity to learn additional long term, healthy practices that will keep you in charge and moving ahead as you fully recover. These topics promote lifelong healthy behaviors and habits that will help you to lead a more productive and depression-free life.

Over time it can be useful to explore all of our 16 topics to learn everything you can about good depression recovery skills. People who achieve and maintain recovery usually put into practice several things that work particularly well for them. We give you the opportunity to explore a variety of options, perhaps learn more about them and help and encourage others to also do so.

DRG does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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