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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that many of our new subscribers have. If you don't find answers to your questions here, please feel free to contact us.

What is Addiction Recovery Groups?
Addiction Recovery Groups is a service that brings people who suffer with different types of addictions together to learn, share and encourage each other. Each meeting is led by a certified recovery coach who has training and experience with addiction. Meetings include a brief activities, educational segment and time for voluntary sharing.
What if I don't feel like talking or sharing?
There is never any pressure to talk or share. At check-in, you can simply say your first name (or any name you choose to remain anonymous) and indicate that you don't want to speak. One of our guidelines is that "it is okay not to share; much can be gained by just listening."
Will my comments be kept confidential?
Absolutely. When you join a meeting, you specifically type in the name you’d like to use in that meeting so you can remain totally anonymous. We will not release any of your information or any comments you make in a meeting.
Will my participation in a meeting be anonymous?
Yes! We use only first names in meetings - no other identifying information is shared. You can also optionally add a nickname for yourself in your profile, so that participants in the meetings will only know you by your nickname.
Do I have to be on video?
No, you do not need to turn on your camera. You can talk and listen without being seen if you like. Whatever is most comfortable for you.
Can I join more than one meeting a week?
Absolutely! Some meetings cover specialized topics, but you are able to join as many or as few as you wish each week6

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