Support Groups Central:  Live Online Peer Support Groups for Life's Challenges
  Support Groups Central:  Live Online Peer Support Groups for Life's Challenges
  Support Groups Central:  Live Online Peer Support Groups for Life's Challenges
Logo: Wake Up Narcolepsy
Logo: Wake Up Narcolepsy
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Our Meetings

The list below shows the meetings we are currently offering online. For additional information on a particular meeting, click on the corresponding "More Information" link.

  • Closed Training Meeting

  • Living with Narcolepsy
    The living with narcolepsy group is an open drop in for adults effected by narcolepsy. The course offers weekly support based on clients needs as they arise while navigating life with narcolepsy. Led by people directly effected by the condition, this is an ideal group to bring your current concerns and challenges. While the focus is towards PWN, care-givers, parents and spouses are also warmly invited to participate within the peer to peer platform.
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  • Newly Diagnosed
    This support group focuses on the challenges specific to those who are newly diagnosed with narcolepsy and accommodates patients, family members and care-givers. Topics covered include adjustments to living with narcolepsy, impact of the condition on every day life, grieving, sleep hygiene and self advocacy.
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  • Parents/Caregivers of Children With Narcolepsy
    Parents and caregivers of children with narcolepsy are offered support by experts as they navigate the challenges of raising a child with narcolepsy. This course will look at the grieving process, self-care, advocacy, school accommodations, sleep hygiene, behavioral impact and provide opportunity for shared knowledge and resources. Guest speakers include a father of a CWN.
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  • Young Adults with Narcolepsy
    The young adults support program addresses issues people with narcolepsy face between the ages of 18-30. Covering issues such as college and study habits, career options, driving, relationships, diet and sleep hygiene this group is led by an experienced educator who has narcolepsy and is also a college professor.
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