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Quick Boost

How it Helps: A Personal Story on How Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Helped in My Depression Recovery
By Vince Caimano
Category  Anxiety,  Self Awareness / Mindfulness,  Understanding and Living with Depression

When I was finally recovering from my last major bout of depression I became committed to learning everything I could about depression treatment to avoid yet another episode. I had cycled in and out of depression since I was a teen and had about lost hope that I could be free of it. Based on what I first read it seemed that I would continue to relapse every few years.

Then I learned about a relatively new understanding of our brains which told me that my brain could change. The ability to change how we think, feel and operate, called neuroplasticity, says that if we can focus and work on retraining our brains we can make lasting and significant changes in our lives.

Of course working on ourselves when we are depressed or prone to depression can be extremely challenging. This is where Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression was so helpful. Based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction it can help you learn useful, lasting skills in a manner that also reduces your stress. It's made a huge difference for me and the research shows that MBCT that it can reduce relapse rates by 50%. There are not many effective depression treatments for more chronic cases - this is one of them.

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